External Wall Insulation Essex

Our highly skilled team at ST Render Solutions Ltd can install a variety of external wall insulating systems, along with a suitable render, cladding or brick slip pattern.  The wall insulating solution we install depends upon the following:

  • Thermal performance required.
  • Amount of noise reduction needed.
  • Fire rating that needs to be achieved.
  • Customers budget.

Different Types of Insulation we Use

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS or Styrofoam), is a light weight rigid foam material that can be fixed to external walls to help reduce a buildings heat loss.  You may be wondering why such a material can be so effective? The best way to describe this is to compare it to clothing.  As you may already know, additional layers of clothing keep you warmer than one thick piece only.  This is because additional layers help to trap air, therefore keeping you warm by slowing down the amount of heat that is lost.  EPS works in a similar way, as its closed cell porous structure traps pockets of air, helping to prevent heat from escaping.

  • Excellent heat insulating ability. Substantially more efficient then mineral wool, when comparing the same thickness.
  • Very lightweight and durable.
  • Can be cut easily.
  • EPS is rigid, meaning it can be cut and shaped easily.
  • Is damp proof.

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is a type of building insulation made from rock materials.  You are likely to have this insulation in your loft at home, between walls, or under your floor.  ST Render Solutions Ltd only use the brand Rockwool, as they sell a variety of products for different applications.  For example, very dense rockwool can also help to insulate noise.

  • Cheaper than EPS.
  • Offers good thermal and acoustic insulating abilities.
  • Fire retardant as it is made from rock materials.

Booking an Appointment

Want External Insulated render in Essex or London? If so, then please contact us.  We will then arrange an appointment to meet you, then discuss your needs.  Your quote will be hassle free, with no pressure, that is a promise!