Exterior Wall Coatings Essex

We can apply an exterior wall coating to your property for extra protection.  This could be in the form of a resin or paint that is manufactured from high performance materials, resulting in a weatherproof and crack resistant layer.  Resin based coatings provide the highest protection from mould and algae.  They are an excellent damp proofing solution, that is durable.

We can apply exterior wall coatings in Essex, London or Beyond.  Such coatings help to protect your property whilst proving a beautiful decorative finish.  ST Render Solutions offer a wide range of colours and textures when it comes to coatings, even transparent ones.

Advantages of Exterior Wall Coatings

  • Helps to prevent algae and mould build up.
  • Many colours are available.
  • Prevents dampness within your exterior brick work.
  • Does not deteriorate.
  • Could add more value to a property as it improves the overall appearance.
  • Micro porous technology allows your walls to breath, whilst weatherproofing them.