Cement Render

This type of render involves the use of a cement (usually portland) and sand mix, which is then applied to a properties external wall.  It has been a very popular render in the UK for decades, but times are changing.  We can apply different textures using tools such as sponges, brushes and stamps.  Unlike the more modern render, cement render will need to be painted once dried.  Whatever you choose, it will result in a classy exterior which can help improve the value of your home.  Typical features of this render are below:

  • Cement render can be textured to suit your property.
  • Available in many colours.
  • A cost effective option for adding aesthetic value to your property.
  • Not for all properties due to its rigidity.
  • Stronger than lime render.
  • Needs to be sealed or painted after it is applied.
  • Helps to prevent penetration of rain water through exterior walls.

Booking an Appointment

Want a Cement render in Essex or London? If so, then please contact us.  We will then arrange an appointment to meet you, then discuss your needs.  Your quote will be hassle free, with no pressure, that is a promise!